Non woven geotextiles are using for liquid solution and gas assembling system, these products increase the efficiency of the system for burying the garbages and for the underground water cleaning project. Choosing the non woven geotextiles for environment cleaning and wastages controlling are the same as choosing underground drainage systems. High weight non woven layers are generally useful for this case.In the gas and oil transfer lines, for haltering floating force and preventing movement towards up, when fluid passing has lo task arrangements for increasing the vertical force which in the past has done with concrete counterweight. So in the case of not using the concrete counter weight, oil and construction materials over the tube are only confronting force with the tube up movement but in the case of using the soil continually system and geotextile can influence the total weight of sides soil and on the tube and canal septums on the tube cut surface and reach to the enough weight for confronting with :floating force.

The application mechanism of geotextile

distributing the proportional weight of soil on the tube surface can guarantee the traction power and geotextilc none breaking which makes enough resistant for overcoming on the floating force.

And over this water absorption property by geotextile causes absorption the permeable waters to the canals and with the waler passing ability and passing of its surface controls the water t 1 ow in the dipping splint place.

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