Geotextile in this usage is reason for stabilizing the railway and according to the place conditions, performs one or more main roles: saving the railway bed geometry for effective act of rail is necessary. Geotextile in the separating role, takes place between rail foundation materials (Ballast) and under foundation (sub ballast). when the sub grade materials is pumping because of the train moving and its beating force into the foundation layer and under layer, can create the unsuperficial bed on this railway and causes speed decreasing or even getting out train of rail, a separating geotextile can repel this problem; geotextile in the stabilizing role in the new lines and or in the repaired lines, with spreading the imported pressure to the sub grade would increase its tolerance; gcotcxtilc helps to the haltering the foundation materials and under foundation in front of the laterad movements and of this way saves the pressure tolerance and fluency properties; also geotextile creates the mechanism for

lateral drainage (edges) and improves the drainage action.

With using non woven geotextile on the smooth and humid under layer will increase the life of the road and railway . This act creats with preventing the composed pebhle and stone , sand , grit entrance into the under layer. High weight non wovens are useful for stabilizing the railway Using the geotextile and railway underbed makes sure the railway embakment tolerates the foreseen road.

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