Geotextiles are replacing the usual soil filters for drainage approximate all of the structures, for example underground ‘Nater controlling system, road carpeting, building sub structures, dams and walls. Tn comparison with traditional soil fillers, geotextiles more than making a continually dtainage and useful, decrease the excavation an environmental effects and causes costs decreasing.

Light weight non woven geotextiles to the middle weight are useful for applying the drainage filter and permit under ground water passes of the drainage nucleases and also prevent of closing and stacking the drainage system, with contiguous soil. Non woven Semi heavy gcotcxtilcs when arc in close contact with one geonet or drainage stone can filter the soil and wastage and permit passing to water and chemical material.

Wastage controlling and earth cleaning projects need geotextiles with instant physical properties and useful production quality in the environmental usages, geotextile must save the important and vital properties however exposes high chemical environment.

Applying the geotextile in liquids filtration and gas assembling systems and

protection the gcomcmbranc layer, arc wastage coating. Geotextiles are recommended for civic wastage and garbage burying place and harmful and dangerous wastage, weakest water filtration ponds and also protection sources and wastage controlling and other superficial protection systems.

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