Geotextile replace the granule filters and separated gravel under the rip rap or reinforced concrete blocks and in some cases uses for drainage canals, beaches security systems and jetty and soil dams Without geotextile filter, wave action and water movements, wearing out the sub grade soils under the gravel collection or reinforced layer, sub grade layer assimilation decrease the reinforced preference or rip rap co 11 ection and causes basic repairing Choosing geotextile for erosion constant controlling is the same as underground drainage. With all of these applications erosion controlling usually need the geotextiles with high solidity properties. Drainage canals, beaches, bridge and security systems of factors corrosion which cause of the water are some of the usage of the geotextile roles. With out presenting the filtering geotextile, water waves beats, wearing out the sub grade materials of the stone coat (Rip Rap) or reinforced concrete. Sub grade spoiling and erosion, neutralizes the benefits and action of the stone fence or reinforced and causes needing the basic repair and expensive replacing

Protector walls permit to their owners until increase the usage of their land, how ever building the gravity cement wall because of cost and heaviness is not workable. Geotextiles widely are using for making solidity to the embankments on the smooth soils, joint flood and protecting walls, geotextile of the budget case make workable, building the protective walls.

In fact the used geotextile for protective wall can be made with about less than half of the traditional protective wall cost. Woven gcotcxtilcs have more benefits than traditional method, like easy installation, easy making and having ability for using the excavation of the project place and also geotcxtilcs have the half cost of the geogrids and need less force for installation.

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